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The WiBox comes equipped with a 7Ah replaceable battery.
The life expectancy of the battery is approximately 2 years*.


Width​: 190mm

Length: 185mm

Height: 65mm

  • 2X 1m leads 12v (1×2,2mm connector; 1×2,2/2,5/1,3mm connector)
  • Input voltage can vary from 90VAC to 265VAC without affecting
    the output voltage. (output voltage remains constant)
  • Input and output fused
  • Short circuit protected
  • Overload protected (re-settable fuse)
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Low voltage battery protection
    (Battery will cut out when the voltage falls below 10V)
  • Input mains filtration surge and lightning protected.

*The life expectancy of the battery may vary, depending on the number of cycles experienced on the battery, storage conditions and use conditions. The approximate lifespan on the battery is up to 2 years and is replaceable.