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The WiBox is a plug and play mini UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), designed by Arion Power, to power your router and fiber box during power outages. The WiBox is super easy to install, no professional installation required, providing you with up to 6H backup time on your router and fiber box with the impressive 84 WH rating. The WiBox is compatible with all DC Fiber, ADSL and LTE setups.

What’s in the box;

  • WiBox with rechargeable 7.2Ah battery installed (84WH) 6H+ of backup time
  • Installation manual
  • 2X Device connecter adapters

WiBox Installation Video 

How To See My Router Voltage

The WiBox is a mini UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), designed by Arion Power, to power your router and fibre box during power outages. The WiBox is a compact affordable solution to UPS systems.

Router Voltage

12V, 5V, 9V, 19V, 24V

Fiber Box Voltage

12V, 5V, 9V, 19V, 24V, None

10 reviews for WiBox


Works like a bomb! During load shedding, my wifi stays on and I’m able to keep working from home. Highly recommended easy to install.

Neville Sweijd

I love it – works very well….I am sure it has great potential for development for additional applications – a USB port for charging cellphones while load shed would be great.

Ben Kelly

Works exactly as advertised. Keeps going for (at least) six hours. The batteries on our devices are more likely to die during load shedding that the WiBox. Best investment I ever made.
Customer service was excellent too.
Thoroughly reccomend.

Jolette Roodt (verified owner)

Works perfectly every time. Lasts the full duration of a load shedding time slot. No beeping, no need to constantly switch anything on or off. Arrived quickly after ordering and was easy to install. Would recommend to everyone.

Saul (verified owner)

Fantastic device and service. Tailor made connections for my setup. Fast delivery to jhb and plug and play to setup. Very happy


Thank you so much, Arion Power.

We’ve made it through another round of Eskom loadshedding, with my Fibre Router, Wifi, and two laptops remaining “online” despite the fact that we had two loadshedding sessions today. My two laptops, Fibre Box, Wifi Router, and Yealink VoIP telephone were all perfectly functional thanks to the WiBox and 2400VA-inverter-kit.

Thank you once more, Ian.

Brent Steyn

Works Perfecly😃

Tsholo (verified owner)

Works like a charm! Definitely one of my best buys!
The automatic switch to the UPS when the power goes out is amazing, and seamless. Highly recommended!

Barry (verified owner)

Bought one of these units to get through loadshedding. Worked like a bomb.
Where it really impressed me was when they stole power cables in our area. We were without power for 9.5 hours and the entire time my fiber was up and running as a result of the WIBOX. Will highly recommend to anyone! exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Arion Power!


Absolutely love the WiBox!

It’s one of those devices you buy and then wonder how you ever got by without it.

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