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Yes, the WiBox is equiped with 2 leads – one to power your router and one to power your fiber box (ONT)


The WiBox can power LTE routers

The WiBox lasts up to 6 hours on a full charge

No, the WiBox is a simple plug and play device

Within Cape Town, next day delivery

Nationwide 2-4 business days

No problem – We cater to different voltage devices.
The WiBox comes equipped with 2 leads, the leads can be customised to the voltage of your device.
The WiBox takes 5 hours to fully charge if the battery is completely depleted.


The WiBox is 100% efficent in stage 1-2 loadshedding and 80% efficent in stage 4 loadshedding.

The WiBox has a 1 year warranty, the battery has a 3 month warranty

On request the device cables can be customised to any length at an additional cost

The WiBox starts at R999 for the 12V unit, an additional R200 will be added if the device voltage is not 12V as a custom circuit will be installed.