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Arion Power

Arion Power was founded by a group of postgraduate students as part of The University of Cape Town’s “Genesis” programme. These students used the lockdown to create a device, which will keep you connected to the internet when there are power outages or load-shedding.

The Founders, in their early 20’s have sold thousands of WiBox’s to Businesses, Internet Service Providers, Corporates and Households that are working from home.

Arion Power has continued its local manufacturing of the WiBox and now additionally supplies a range of products in the backup power and ICT space. with a focus on creating local employment and youth skills development.

Arion Power is a level 2 BBBEE contributor with 66% black ownership and 100% youth owned.

Brian Gadisi Arion Power
Brian Gadisi
Alan Gie Arion Power
Alan Gie
Themba Hadebe Arion Power
Thembalethu Hadebe
“Universal access to safe, sustainable and uninterrupted power. Working towards a future of development, growth and productivity”