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During times of uncertain

power supply

Can you afford for yourself, your employees or
your team members to lose internet connectivity?


During times of uncertain

power supply

The WiBox is a compact and affordable Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) solution designed to keep you online during power outages and load shedding. The WiBox is permanently plugged into the wall socket and your devices, there are two supplied leads, one to power your router and the other to power your fibre box if required.

During a power outage, the box will automatically switch from Eskom power to battery power,
providing you with an uninterrupted connection.

​When the power switches back on the device will automatically switch from battery mode to
wall power mode – charging the WiBox and powering the router and fibre box.

keep your employees and customers online during power outages

Arion Power is a BBBEE-level 2 local manufacturers and distributor for
load shedding solutions. We offer bulk pricing to Corporates, ISP’s and resellers.

Our locally made products will ensure your employees or customers are always
online during unexpected power outages or load shedding. Arion Power is
able to develop custom DC solutions on request.

what our
Estelle W

I am able to work remotely a couple of days a week and this became extremely problematic during load shedding as I needed to work online and my fibre had no power to allow me to work.  I chose WiBox because it offered an affordable solution for me, and it has been perfect.  Even when we were on Level 3 load shedding for weeks it was able to power my fibre unit constantly so I could work without interruption.

Marc J

Actually, I am tweeting to you, as we are being loadshed (Via WIFI) I had great service from Arion Power, even after the first unit was faulty, they replaced it quick quick. I like that it powers both fibre router and and WIFI hotspot simultaneously. Can recommend the WiBox

Diana M

This past weekend during a power outage here in Johannesburg, my WiBox kicked in instantly and I continued watching Netflix without as much as a buffer. More important than Netflix, though, is work; I could have been on a Zoom meeting, or making a time-sensitive trade. With WiBox, that anxiety is gone.”

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 11.38.14
Samier Saban

I ordered the Unit on a Sunday night and it was delivered to me by Wednesday morning. I plugged it in as recommended and it was ready for loadshedding that evening. It worked flawlessly.

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 11.39.08
Donné Nortjé

Excellent service and product. The WiBox has been working perfectly throughout the recent loadshedding.

Brian Gadisi Arion Power
Brian Gadisi
Alan Gie Arion Power
Alan Gie
Themba Hadebe Arion Power
Thembalethu Hadebe
“Universal access to safe, sustainable and uninterrupted power. Working towards a future of development, growth and productivity”
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